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Take Control of Your Personal Data
with IBM Identity Mixer

Identity Mixer allows for privacy-preserving user authentication.
If the personal data is never collected, it cannot be stolen.

How Identity Mixer can help

How Identity Mixer works

Try the demos yourself

Privacy for End-Users

Authenticate to service providers without disclosing your social network profile or any of your personal data.

Without Identity Mixer, every time you press a "Login with ..." button, you allow your social network provider to track you and to reveal your profile to a service provider. Once you reveal it - you lose control over it.

Security and Compliance for Service Providers

Rest assured that your access restrictions are fully satisfied, but there is no clients' personal data that needs to be protected or treated according to complex legal regulations.

Without Identity Mixer, every time the customers' personal data is collected, it needs to be properly secured and managed.

Nightmare for Identity Thieves

There is no customers' personal data stored on the Service Provider side. What does not exist, cannot be stolen.

Without Identity Mixer, after collecting customers' personal data, Service Providers face the risk of the data breach.

How Identity Mixer works

This demo shows a movie streaming service that uses Identity Mixer to ensure that viewers have the appropriate age to watch the selected material.

The users can obtain a movie streaming subscription from a Movie Streaming Service and an identity card from an eGovernment and store both credentials in a personal Credential Wallet.

Later, using their credential wallet, the users prove in a privacy-preserving manner to the movie streaming service that they are entitled to watch the selected content.

Try the Movie demo yourself! You only need a web browser

You can use a demo wallet (username: alice password: demo)
of 16 year old Alice who has a movie subscription and an ID card.



You can create your own credential wallet and obtain credentials.


NEW: Healthcare Demo

Get a privacy-preserving insurance card issued to your credential wallet account.
Use it to get an anonymous online consultation with a doctor.


The demo is also compatible with a mobile credential wallet appllication that is coming out soon. Stay tuned.

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The underlying cryptographic protocols are provably secure and vetted by the research community. The Identity Mixer source code is publicly available and can be reviewed by anyone.

There are many more possible applications for the Identity Mixer technology: car-to-car communication, public transport ticketing systems, etc.

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